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{March 27, 2013}   Sports Talk Monday!!

    Another way to lose weight is involving yourself in sports and staying active. As a kid I did basketball and loved every minute of it. I am here to tell you it just takes one step to get involved in recreational sports no matter what age because it develops a healthy way of living. This is perfect for family outings or even an idea creating a little competition within your family tree such as the olympics. This can be essential to have some fun and get in shape. Even if you are a beginner at dribbling the ball, spiking the ball for volleyball, or even batting a ball on the baseball field I am here to tell you it only takes one step and like coach always said, “practice makes perfect.” I am reminded of some important thing I learned, stars such as Michael Jordan, greatest basketball player ever, he had to fail a thousand times before becoming very successful in his forte as a big time baller and with time broke every record in NBA history. This gives any one a chance putting your feet on the board for instance in surfing and be one with the waves. 

   Now to mention some unfortunate incident that it was to sit down and watch the Laker game with family when they were losing pretty bad 😦  Stats stated the team lost 3 games in a row with their run to the playoffs. As a Laker fan, I am appalled at the way they are playing no defense and faulty inconsistent offense. There is no chemistry meshing well with the team and in addition D’antoni is a person that cannot adjust when needed. After seeing the game against the Golden State Warriors, all I can say to coworkers the next morning is show them a “shoulder shrug,” I really do not know what will happen. I use to think that it was a phase and they can get it together once making it in the playoffs and be invincible. Now Earl Clark’s game has gotten from on point to slowly going down hill which is why he had decreasing minutes on game day. It was unfair that Gasol was not properly used by D’antoni, therefore, you would see the unhappiness pour out on his face and his game ability not being on point either. World Peace, one of the power houses on the defensive end got hurt with a sprain and could not return the rest of the game. It would have been perfect for him to still be in the game to contain Stephen Curry or Jack. However, in an upsetting defeat Jack made 48 points off the bench in the paint demolishing the Lakers and as many commentators said the Warriors were toying with them. All i can do is hope and keep the laker fans alive that they will get it together with the last few games in the season. We do want dignity run if anything so at least give it your best until the end. It is not essential to be a “quitter” for anything that you start anew. Please for anyone that is a beginner I know sports can be difficult at times but again it takes one step to get into gear and disciplined. It is encouraged that everyone remove the words “I can’t” from your vocabulary. I have also learned that when there are Nay-sayers around you, it pushes you even harder to reach your goal, that is why a great example is when Kobe Bryant has so many obstacles in the way such as 3 defenders, he scores since works better under pressure. The Nay-sayers can be those obstacles and everyone has their own body type so goals may be different so it is time to shoot those curve balls in life like you would Zombies on “the Walking Dead.” Important tip of the day: “never give up.”  Please go ahead and comment I will be more than happy to banter and am open minded to different ideas. 


{March 21, 2013}   Fitness Wednesday ;)

Great workout courtesy of the army conditioning drill and stability training thanks cousin erick ninja pants feeling the burn 😉 fitness tip: Exercise consisted of lateral leg raise, medial leg raise, lateral bent-leg raise, single-leg tuck, single-leg over, bend and reach, rear lunge, high jumper, the rower, squat bender, windmill, forward lunge, prone row, bent-leg body twist, and the push-up. Go ahead and try it at your own pace.

{March 20, 2013}   Fitness Tuesday!!! Kenpo X

After having an overwhelming day at work, there is nothing I love more and I am sure you all can relate than a great workout to keep your mind at ease. If you haven’t tried P90x, I suggest you to go ahead and test it out, these are DVDs powered by Beachbody. If I am not hitting it hard at the gym, I am at home working out. People say, “how do you get so much energy to keep going, well I simply tell them I remember what is important and that is health and remember it only takes “one step.” This particular work out is a mixture of martial arts, kickboxing, muay thai, cardio, core synergestics, and plyometrics all rolled into one. Please do not forget to comment once you have tried this fitness tip.

Welcome to my fitness blog!! My name is Joanne and I abosultely love everything that encompasses fitness, extreme sports , outdoor adventures, staying active by playing sports, etc. “Hope you can keep in mind that anything you set your mind to, you can accomplish!” It only takes one step to push yourself towards staying healthy!” Staying healthy can maximize longevity and overall self-esteem in one self. We look into our family history sometimes and we see that we do not want to be pin-pointed as a statistic so I am here to tell you it just takes determination and discipline to change your lifestyle slowly but surely. 

Tuesday Workout from Pinterest!!!

Check this out recommendable for indoors !!! great for cardio sweating is the new sexy to promote longevity!

Fitness Monday!! Kickboxing baby!

Such a great workout with an inspiring woman Miroslava:)

Kept my heart pumping recommended for everyone!

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