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{October 23, 2015}   Fitness and Sports Talk Thursday!!!

Good evening all,

Started off my fitness routine with Cardio X from the P90X system along with continuing the Ab challenge:

CardioX consisted of plyometrics, yoga, kenpo karate, and core synergistics

For every fitness routine, there must be a warm up so there are no cramps and you can finish the rest of the routine without a problem.

Round 1- Yoga

  • Sun salutations
  • Runners pose
  • Warrior One
  •  Warrior Two
  • Reverse Warrior

~~~~~Water break~~~~

Round 2 Kenpo

  • Ball kicks
  • Hook/Uppercut/Sidekick
  • Front and Back Knuckles/Ball Kick/Back Kick
  • Jab/Cross/Hook/Uppercut
  • Three Direction Kicks Ball Kick/Side Kick/Back Kick

~~~Water Break~~~

Round 3 Plyometrics

  • Airborne Heisman
  • Swing Kicks with a chair starting with the left then the right
  • Basketball Jump Shots
  • Tires
  • Wacky Jacks for the obliques

~~~Water Break~~~

Round 4 Core Synergistics

  • Squat X press
  • Steam Engine
  • Dreya Roll
  • Squat Run
  • Superman/Banana

~~~Yoga Cool Down~~~

Ab challenge :

  • 25 sit-ups
  • 10 crunches
  • 10 leg raises
  • 30 sec plank

Now let’s dive in to some sports talk:

After that beautiful victory from the purple and gold Lakers vs. the Warriors in the first meeting, they are meeting the champs tonight as the Warriors show their abilities by pounding down hard on the offensive end. With the 64% shooting from the Warriors tonight, all Laker fans are wondering let’s play like we did the other night what happened? With the 2nd quarter coming to an end, score is 71-47, we need to see the defense from the purple and gold Lakers start happening, this is abysmal. Great shot from Lou Williams to end the quarter. Lakers need to regroup right now cause defense is key in this game. As Big Game James Worthy puts it, “Lakers are against a machine tonight. ” 3rd  quarter Warriors repeatedly dominating in the Honda Center, Jabari Brown from the Lakers coming up with some great jump shots and he is all over the place in the paint. Anthony Brown way to go for the 3 point play that was needed. The Warriors keep dominating the 3 -pointers like nothing and D-angelo Russell answers back. They are getting hammered but great passes for that great play for the Lakers. Nice pass by Lou Williams to D-angel o Russell for that beautiful shot while he cuts through the paint. Lakers are being man-handled tonight but I appreciate the quick looks to the basket but the passing and defense has to be a lot better. The Offensive end for the Warriors is on point tonight and they are going after their rebound not giving the Lakers an opportunity at all. Lakers need heart to finish this game even if we lose we need their all in the last quarter. A couple of blocks in the last few minutes that were good giving the Lakers an opportunity to score on the other end. Warriors killing the Lakers on the perimeter but great defensive move by Metta Worldpeace. Last 3 minutes Lakers give it your all on this last Preseason game, Hibbert with some free throw shot opportunities and only makes 1. Hibbert getting some last-minute shots in as well as Marcelo Huertas. Lou Williams just dominated the paint right now with an awesome lay-up for the 3 point opportunity and makes it in. Last score between both Warriors 136-97 Lakers, so horrible but the champions dominated, we got to give them props tonight. Defense has got to be a lot better to open the season and make sure no injuries for the Lakers. Curry and Thompson were animals tonight and unstoppable. Opening season comes this coming week so let us go Purple and gold let’s give Timberwolves a run for their money!!!


As always open to any comments have a great Thursday everyone 🙂



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