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{December 10, 2015}   Day 6 of Training !!!

Good afternoon all,

Yesterday was a tough day getting up wise,  but had one goal in mind continue my discipline nobody is stopping me unless I stop myself. I am a train that will go straight to the top and you can feel the same way when you have exuberant passion. It takes time to find it so don’t freak out if you do not know what it is. I went to the gym yesterday and unfortunately there was a notice that said I could not cross over to other gyms. I did not understand since just a week ago my membership was fine and I went to all the different clubs. Luckily, the staff at the gym was nice enough to let me finish my training yesterday. I knew what I needed to do after I got out of training was to call my gym and find out the extent of my membership.

Knowing this, I needed to train harder that day because my gym was going to hear me and my rights when I signed up etc. So then, my training began:

Movement or Warm-Up for Lower Body:

  • Foam Roll (Back, Butt, 4 sides of Legs, Calves) 3-4 sets 20 secs each
  • High knees 3-4 sets 20 secs each
  • Body Weight Squats 3-4 sets 20 secs each
  • Straight Leg Kicks 3-4 sets 20 secs each
  • Side Leg/ Hip Swings 3-4 sets 20 secs each
  • Mountain Climbers 3-4 sets 20 secs each

Six Pack Attack Ab Workout:

  • Hanging Leg Raise 10 sets of 10
  • Kneeling Cable Crunch 10 sets of 10
  • Medicine Ball V-Up 10 sets of 10
  • Swiss Ball Crunch 10 sets of 10

Metabolic Training:

  • TRX squat jumps 8 rounds of 20 secs
  • Pull Ups 8 rounds of 20 secs
  • Split Alternating Squat Jumps 8 rounds of 20 secs
  • Diamond Push-Ups 8 rounds of 20 secs
  • Dumb Bell Step Ups 8 rounds of 20 secs
  • Dips 8 rounds of 20 secs

Cardio Workout:

  • Rest period

Recovery or Cool Down for Lower Body:

  • Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 2-3 sets 12-16 sec hold
  • Standing Quadriceps Stretch 2-3 sets 12-16 sec hold
  • Scorpion 2-3 sets 12-16 sec hold
  • Butterfly 2-3 sets 12-16 sec hold
  • Gluteal Stretch 2-3 sets 12-16 sec hold
  • Hamstring Stretch 2-3 sets 12-16 sec hold
  • Cobra 3 breaths 6-10 secs each

At the end of the workout, I knew I had to get the problem solved but I felt good after the workout ready to conquer the world. I talked to my gym and I found out that I was only eligible for corporate clubs and not franchises. That really pissed me off because then I was going to be banned from finishing my training this week. Did I let that stop me?, no way ,today wanted to do some hiking at least to stay active from my consistent path to a healthier lifestyle. Again, we gotta do whatever it takes to take care of things or focus on things we can control as to things we cannot so go out there “all balls out” in anything you do and you will not regret it because you will reap what you harvest. I am reminded of a great quote “Success does not come to you, you go after it and get it.”

Until next time, inspirational leaders of today, tomorrow, and the future.





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