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{November 14, 2016}   Lakers vs Timberwolves Analysis

Good afternoon all,

After that impressive win against the Pelicans, the team came ready to play the Timberwolves. This young team led by Luke Walton impressed us from the very first opening game. However, the young gun Timberwolves have come out on top and fighting not giving Lakers an opportunity to climb back into the game. At the half of the game, the disappointing score stands at Timberwolves 69 vs 46 Lakers. The offensive game is not there, a lot of the players not getting great looks Andrew Wiggins leading the Timberwolves scoreboard. The game plan is to have Luke Walton shut down Timberwolves offense since they are running like the young gun team that they are. Down by 23 points, Lakers need to get it together and according to Big game James Worthy chip away to make sure to let fans know that they are back in the game.

Beginning of the half, Lakers are looking a lot better at the start, however, with a bad turnover and a foul from Mozgov so Towns was supposed to make all free throws, but he did not thank goodness. Julius Randle got a foul and one that he horribly missed. Nick Young coming up big and scored for the purple and gold. Deng was fouled on the 3-point line and made all the free throws. After a few possessions, that came on empty when trailing by double digits, they did not get it together, time out was called by Coach Luke Walton to regroup them and see who he is going to work with as far as unit goes the next few minutes in the 3rd quarter. Brandon Ingram to hit a huge jump shot and they are back in defense and they are letting points in the paint. Jordan Clarkson missing the jump shot on the other side, and even if Timberwolves misses, they are grabbing the offensive rebound. 3 seconds call by the referee and now Lakers have the ball along with a time out being called by Luke Walton. End of third quarter, score stands at Timberwolves 87 and Lakers 72, they need to stop the 3s and play a little defense to get their heads back in the game. Lou (the closer) just got fouled to start the 4th quarter and shot big free throws and it has been him leading the Lakers big time bringing down the deficit to 9 points. Nice duo between Lou and Larry and Larry clobbered with the assist. Mozgov fouled out and Towns makes the free-throws to continue the lead for the Timberwolves. The defense backfires when they cover Andrew Wiggins has to shoot 3 shots and he missed one luckily.

Afterwards, with almost the end of the 4th quarter, the Timberwolves open their hand and they are shooting nothing but net keeping the Lakers at a deficit. The last four minutes of the game Julius makes an impressive steal and heads to the line, scoring both free-throws.  With 3 minutes to go, the deficit is 20 and Lakers not able to close for the win. Julius getting a one on one time with the referee and telling him no calls are being called in favor of the Lakers, however, Mozgov got in there and got him away from the referee. Lakers having trouble to score the last points and they fall to the Timberwolves with the final score Timberwolves 125 and Lakers 99. As always, warriors always stay warriors no matter the challenges, it is how they react and come out of it that shapes them.


Comments, welcome good night all 🙂


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