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{November 15, 2016}   Ecuador vs Venezuela Analysis



Good afternoon all,

I am feeling much better with the new medication prescribed by the doctor, so I can celebrate my health getting back to normal. As I sat down with daddy to watch the game, we are huge supporters of our home country Ecuador so even though we are winning this match. I look at how many attempts keep happening on the Venezuelan goal post and realize you are by yourselves “Shoot it.” The offensive end has been led by Ecuador through and through and it has been an amazing thing to see. Now with the foul being charged to Venezuela, there was nothing made on that end. Now the counter attack has been epic putting Ecuador on top 3-0. What a great game, all I can say is I am proud of my South American country. People say to be prideful of where you came from is amazing well, you feel it in your heart when you dig deep beneath in your roots. What a great victory to start off the day of sports with a huge win.

Therefore, I can think of all my family members that watched the game either at their houses or snuck off to watch it during work. All these games boil down to qualifying rounds making it to the ultimate goal of making it to the World Cup en route to Russia 2018. If I was in Ecuador right now, I would be going to the fountain and having a victory splash. I miss our home country so much since most family on my father’s side are all there and have not seen them for years. It has been awesome to form those amazing relationships to the family I do have here in the states. After being sick, I did not want anyone to know where I was or what I was going through and being how I am a mini social media guru I stayed off all social media, I was going to let everyone know if it was a life and death situation. I needed the rest and maybe it was selfish of me but I grew to gain strength on my own and learned to reflect quite a bit tapping into many passions of mine all over again.

A quote comes to mind “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”




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