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{November 22, 2016}   One Step at a Time

Good evening all,

This has nothing to do with sports perse, but I do love one of the best quotes ever, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” It is interesting how much love I have received over the past few months. I not only felt that it was a bunch of sympathy but I appreciated how much I impacted people when I left on medical leave. You start thinking what would your obituary say or what legacy will you leave behind. After reflecting through my life, my health told me to stop and I have never had a scare like I recently did. Now starting over seems very scary because being sick for sometime does not guarantee me immunity back to work and have my spot there waiting for me. I need to see if I can physically cut it again because if medical insurance is concerned I have Covered California and with so many appointments, medications, and procedures would cost a lot of money if there is no other option of health insurance in the work place.  I have to seriously be thinking about the benefits of a huge company and be in a more stable environment. I hate sometimes acting the way I do when I cannot be myself yet because I wanted to be fully 110% in order to take on another adventure. Retail therapy used to be very enjoyable for my mother and I but it just does not feel the same. I do not like to be hassled by family to choose a new path when I am just not ready so the reaction has sounded a bit rude but it is my internal issue I need to find my true self within that could take on anything whether it is an event planner and enjoying the charity events all over again. I was very selfless and super family oriented and that was the most important thing of all. As I took some time off to rest and relax, I came across the past and present men in my life caring so much about me.

It took one step to get to know all those men in my life and I appreciate every moment of it. Cheers to moving forward! I am still beyond confused but I am willing to take a moment and experience the present and see where that takes me. I cannot help but think of the future such as my career, family, partnership, the love that I will let in, kids, and any blissful thing that makes me sublimely happy. I am working hard for happiness to eventually be the precursor to my success. I believe the nurturing side that I get from my mommy would make me the greatest mother ever for all my future children. It hit me hard  to think of my future family when I turned 31 because I saw a lot of my family members and friends moving on with their lives. I believe it will happen before I know it and holidays are coming up so who knows miracles do happen around this time of year. These holidays are about giving to others and I love the family traditions and would want to share it with someone special. Ofcourse, I do want to regain that strength and the love of myself that can be poured out to others in order to be ready to let my heart feel actual love that I have never felt before. It only takes one step to make this happen and I am excited to find out how life will turn out.

I’m reminded of this quote “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Please go ahead and share if you relate to what I say I always love-inspiring someone even if it is just one, it makes it absolutely rewarding.




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