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{March 15, 2017}   Music soothes your soul :)


Good afternoon all,

I know it has been more than a minute, I wanted to let you all know about my other passion in life and that is music, just recently one night I decided to sing my heart out to some cover songs that you might all know such as one of my favorite influences Kelly Clarkson to her song Because of You, Sarah McLachlan to her song In the Arms of an Angel, Sia to her song Chandelier, or even decided to give my sound a little Rock Edge by covering the song Numb by Linking Park. As a person that has taken vocal lessons in the past, I tend to be super critical on my sound. I joined this renowned Karaoke game called Smule where they score you on harmony, arrangements, pitch, etc. I loved music ever since I was little and the first song that I ever sang was for my Kindergarten Christmas play and it was one of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits The Greatest Love of All. I don’t know if you all had the same feeling or not when you are singing in the shower, there is some great echo and sound bouncing all over the place but it makes you feel invincible since you are doing something that no one is watching.

For anybody that has never sang in their life, this is being outside of their comfort zone and it is exhilarating. There are some people in that game I told you guys about that try their best but kill the harmony, not everyone is perfect and after all it is just a game. Your goal is to find the best one that matches your sound to give any song some justice. The best feeling in the world is also dedicating a song like I did once to my niece when I said, “What is your favorite song?” and she said Seven Nation Army, granted I know Jack White has a lower sound than I do but to be a versatile artist, you must learn to sing all kinds of music so I was so happy I did the song justice for her and she loved it. I know a lot of people can relate to me when yo

u are going through a breakup and when you listen to a song that reminds you of your ex and you sing your heart out, you are singing with all the inner being of your heart. It does make you cry and get a little emotional after all that was your song together as a couple.

If you truly loved someone then you realize why you did and why things happen for a reason. Music can soothe your soul when you are stressing out from problems at home, financial issues, work, relationship issues, etc. Music can also soothe your soul to get pumped up to go back to training mode in the gym and also motivates you to become 1% better each and everyday. Music has many meanings in life whether it is motivational, cheers you up, pumps you up, helps you have a sound sleep, makes you wanna dance, helps you through a heartbreak, etc. Music helps you move on and look forward to what is next in life whether it is a step to a new career, new house, new love, new venture, etc. Whenever you hit rock bottom in anything, you got to remember that the only way to look now is up and keep moving forward and never give up on any goals you may have.

Please enjoy one of my fave songs to sing and comment below and as always never give up:)


La Isla Bonita



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