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{May 12, 2017}   A soul that will never leave us :)

Good afternoon all,

This has been one of the hardest pieces I have ever had to write, some people deal with grief in a different way and I write my thoughts down in paper and this helps me deal with it. May has been an interesting month and also a reminder that the patriarch of the family has left us and has gone to heaven. What can I say about Papi Lautarito, he had a nickname for all of us including myself “Huesitos” most translated in English as “Bones.” Looking back at all these memories makes me feel sad and all emotions of what I felt that day that we were losing Papi. He lived a fruitful life, always making jokes, dancing, and always looking like a young buck.

Everybody had their own personal memories but one of my cherished memories was when he taught me how to play 40 the most famous card game in Ecuador and since he knew all the rules he would always have the huge advantage to beating me. There were times when I would win and he would tell me how I cheated. I used to say I just got the lucky cards what can I say. I loved hearing all the childhood stories of when he was a young boxer because it must be true since whenever I would see him dreaming I would see him punch out mean old right hooks and jabs. He extended his love to everyone his grandkids, great grandkids, even his sons and daughters.

He was so independent even when I was taking care of him for a long period of time all he wanted was someone to keep tabs of the time schedule for medication but he would want to do it on his own always. He used to make fun of people on walkers because he said he would never be that person that should be cared for. He was always resilient and loved telling those stories of when him and his wife first started to make it out in the world from beginning to end. Sometimes he would be sad telling the story and I would feel his pain whenever he would talk about how bad the cops were with deportation when immigrants did not have any papers. He always told me how much sacrifices he had to do in order to provide for the entire family and always admired him for that.

We enjoyed watching sports together such as basketball even though he was going for whoever wins. I would tell him that is not the point to go for the one that is winning but go for the team one loves but to him it made no difference. Every time we saw the Lakers play on the big screen, he would think Kobe Bryant was his neighbor and we never corrected him because God forbid he was wrong about something. He loved animals so much so when we would visit his house in Ecuador I saw the whole entire zoo  and loved getting to know each and every one of them as we got to give them names. He was an extraordinary dancer so graceful and so on point that may be why I was so curious in learning everybody’s steps on the dance floor.

Papi always loved spending time with dad since dad would listen to all his stories, dad would have a great time watching soccer with Papi. All these pictures with all these beautiful memories remind me of how much we loved our grandpa. My cousin Adam was always known as baby Adam and his best nickname for Papi was chiripoopoo. My cousin Michelle was known as la chinita to Papi and she had a blast when she spent some of the most precious times with him when she was being his nurse and for that we thank her because she knew what to do at the most difficult times. My favorite little Moras have so many precious moments with him too since they loved sharing stories with him every time they came home from school.

When our favorite Papi left us for a better place, my mom and her sisters each have a different experience with him but my mommy was a huge rock for us, however, our family had to definitely return the favor and make sure she got through this hardest of all days we provided her love, understanding, caring, and absolute devotion to her. Every kiss and cuddle, surprising him when I got home from work always made him smile huge. He got me involved and addicted to soap operas in Spanish so with my parents we kept on watching religiously to carry on that tradition. I know this may sound weird but I feel like Papi never left and is always guiding me through the path of life by asking him questions and praying to him to make some decisions where it came to emotional feelings and one thing that he would always tell me that resonated with me was “always follow what your heart desires no matter what.” He always believed in me and my passions so ever since then and always I have never backed down from the goals I set out for myself because I always look back at why I started and what drives me. I will always remember my dear Papi Lautarito I love you and miss you so much and decided to honor you by telling this story and I will never forget you and your soul will remain in our hearts forever.


Please friends and family comment below and tell me someone you have honored in the past or present that you love dearly.


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