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Good evening all,

A few weekends ago, I decided to take my parents up the infamous Eaton Canyon with all its natural beauty. I knew my parents would love the trip because I remember the first time we conquered a mountain unfortunately my mommy did not make it all the way until the end. So this was definitely redemption for her, I felt like she was ready for this because I know that mom and dad have a competition going on through Fitbit which allows them to run so since I knew they have been running or walking long strides I knew mommy can finally conquer a mountain and best of all was the beautiful waterfall at the end of the hike. I loved spending time with the folks and the peace within nature is uncanny. I was the expert hiker especially on this trail. Before starting the hike, it is good to use certain apps like Yelp or All Trails to give you a map with a direct location to the trail you want to try out for the first time.

My daddy can be described as the nature guy so he loved it when we began the trail. One thing was a warning for sure not to drink way too much water because I knew the rest stop was the only one that we ran into before following the trail. The start of the trail is amazing because it has the best mountainous nature views with the greenery in the pasture to the wild yellow flowers. The rock formations were so great because of all the steps that we had to face some were wet and near a riverbed, but we were able to help each other so we got to the end goal. I was super proud of my mommy because we reached the beautiful waterfall and accomplished the hike together.

My mommy was so happy to make it happen and so was my daddy we all loved every minute of it. It made me believe that it takes one step to anything you want to accomplish by committing yourself to reach your goals. My mom and dad say the average steps on a Fitbit is about 10,000 steps so that is the goal to reach everyday and when they lack they start dancing or marching, it is too funny but I definitely love their tenacity. I enjoyed myself and so did they when we heard the birds around and took a whiff of the trees. When arriving to the waterfall, it was the best time to take pictures and just listen to the serene water to reflect the beauty. It was a bit hott that we did get some color but we did have to get back since we had an engagement to get to. In the end, pictures are worth a thousand words so we had a blast and will continue to be a hiking family.

Remember to do something always that makes your heart sing, please as always share some of your favorite stories and comment below.



Have an amazing night 🙂



{August 15, 2017}   The American Young Badass :)

Good afternoon all,

I have taken it upon myself to get out of the writing block I was in and decided to write about this young lady I am extremely proud of. Time flies and life flies by and the years roll by, it was just yesterday I blink for a second and I remember when you were just a child and I had you in my arms and now you are a grown woman headed to a great adventure that makes you “an American Young Badass,” since you are Airforce bound. Ever since you were little you always wanted to serve our country and follow your path and now you are going to put your passion for kids into good use through the nursing program. I admire what you are about to do it is very commendable and you are going to be in a journey that not a lot of people have chosen but it is an enormous honor.

It has been great accompanying you on your journey through many milestones in your life such as graduation from 8th grade to graduating high school. Now you will be sworn in in the next couple of days to become a United States Airwoman facing obstacles that I know you are strong enough to handle. You are the light of everyone’s world at church and in our family. I loved being like a big sister to you too whenever we talked about crushes or anything going on in your life etc. I love you and will miss you so much for some time as will my family but I know we will see you when you finish the greatest accomplishment and complete your graduation as an Airwoman and cannot wait to hear your experience and how you came out a badass for it.


Love your auntie,


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