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{September 2, 2017}   Resilience:)

Good evening all,

I wanted to be a bit transparent we all have things or obstacles we have overcome right? When you are faced with something twice in your life that scares you shitless you don’t wish it upon anyone. It was amazing to see how many people care about you when you are down and out for a long time but my excuse was need to find out what is really wrong with me before involving everyone. I appreciated the prayers and positive vibes from everybody once I finally started to come back into the world of social media. It definitely got me thinking a lot of things with my life career-wise and what I have yet to do to live life to the fullest.

I was always a very positive person but for some reason lost who I was for a minute. There were friends reaching out to me that could not believe my tone of voice and my physical condition etc. Those who knew me well realized it was not the Joanne that they love on the phone but it was some version of losing my faith. It was great to hear from family and friends texting me and seeing how I was. I hated not being able to be strong enough to do things on my own so began to recover at my parent’s home.

At first, it began as a medical test, and then when it came for the second exam a mixture of antibiotics and pain killers were very bad for my body so much so they started burning my insides so instead of feeling better started feeling worse. I kept on telling myself this is all a process and it will go away eventually and these were necessary exams to keep my body healthy. I loved the motivation from everyone that I knew to help me not forget myself and who I stand for. I was always the type of person that would enjoy hearing everyone else’s problem and try to help them with it before thinking of myself. I learned little by little to focus on what I love to do my passion for writing, fitness, singing, art, family, etc.

It was great to hear from a friend of mine when I was going through major physical pain and it was defeating me so he suggested meditation, I told him I know this could relax me but are you sure the pain can start going away, he said just give it a whirl you never know with this type of meditation your whole body and energy is on a relaxed state of mind so much so I saw how powerful my mind truly was and began to feel like myself again. I do not know if it was a mindset thing but the pain started to go away little by little and once I had another appointment with the doctor, she regulated the balance in my immune system making me feel a lot better. I finally realized I had a shot at a comeback to be not only 100% but comeback at 110% I felt like I could conquer the world again. Due to physical ability, I began to explore options of what I wanted to do with my life and my career path was not settling right for me at the time especially because of the health scare. I came to the realization that the career path I was in was not long term and it was time to make a change. I hated leaving everybody behind because I created some close relationships but I knew it was time to think of me and maybe the health scare was telling me to take it easy so I had no choice but to listen and honestly to look within what makes my heart beat.

Remember all, even when things get tough you never know how strong you are until strength is the only thing you have and it is awesome to see who you inspire along the way. Please go ahead and comment if you ever felt this way would love to hear your stories of resilience and insights.




{May 23, 2017}   Best friends for life :)

Good afternoon all,

Another thing that I am very passionate about are my friends, I know I have been anonymous about my subjects in my stories but this is in honor of my best friend Joyce. I created this collage of the years we met and have been through so much as you can tell from 2006-2017. I love the fact that we have been through bad times and good times. We were so young back then, however, now we are mature adults that have busy lives whether it is career or relationships, we always seem to catch up whenever we can. After all the saying they told me when I was in college, I never understood it which was “friends you make in college will be your friends for life,” until I met you my first year.

We explored college for the first time and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest and now we are independent women who are striving far in life. We have set sail not knowing what we wanted to major in and then decisions have to be made when Cal Poly would send those awesome emails saying major needs to be declared etc. We both seemed so ready to get the years started in the University so eager to know what was in store for us. We had fun in all the parties and dances that we attended and shaked our booty together.  I was there for all the girls’ nights, birthdays, bachelorette’s, and epic moments in your life.

You have been a great friend, an inspiration to be a future wife for my future husband in the future, admire the tenacity in being cupid for me in order to have me jump back into the dating scene, appreciate the support in anything I do, appreciate the fact that you can be a long-lost sister from another mother, the trustworthiness, a kickass teacher that is teaching her kids to be the best they could be because it is super rewarding, even through tough times such as any family ordeals we are there for one another, no matter if we don’t agree on things we are very respectful, and exciting and positive nature makes us n’sync to be driven towards our goals. We had some good old days too like when one of our hangouts was downtown Fullerton and had no care in the world and just loved having fun. Nowadays, like these last little outings it definitely makes us feel young at heart and having interesting conversations is really good because when we were younger there are some people men in general that did not look pass looks and now intelligence is the forefront that lights up a room and if other people that we meet cannot handle an intellectual conversation than so be it move on to the next.

The intent is not to get crazy but to have fun conversations with men even as a married individual you know how to hold your own and keep our friendship growing strong and you do not forget about that. I am very fortunate to have a friend like you and I cannot wait for many more milestones and memories in our lives. Like you said, it is like the real Sex and the City but this time when guilty by association plays a part I love being part of being beauty and brains because the going with the flow can end up into something great and for that I thank you. I also thank you for being an active listener and helping me through relationship tough times etc. and getting me back in the saddle shortly but surely. I also thank you for being such a genuine person with me because only then would I have felt comfortable enough to share the real me too. It was one of my favorite moments of my life when I was honored to be your maid of honor in one of the most epic times of my life and for that I love you my dear close friend Joyce.



Please go ahead and comment if you have any friend of yours that has shaped you 🙂

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