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Good evening all,

Most people are faced with a difficult decision in their life. We all grow up with our childhood pets over the years and we grow super attached to them that you come to think of them as your own children. Our special little guy I remember when he was a puppy and came to the house he helped us through some very tough times especially my brother and was his best friend by his side and I cannot forget the way this little guy named Kratos brought him back to life. I loved the way he played with us when we were growing up along with his brother Sparky and how he was our rock when we lost him too. The special guidance Kratos took as a big brother to little Cali was uncanny even though she was hyper and did not leave him alone, she would always look up to him for teaching to become a good guard.

Our little special guy would run with us when we were in the patio when we would play around with the ball when he played fetch for the first time. When we first taught him a few tricks he learned how to give us a quick shake with both hands and that was awesome and deserving of a doggie treat. He was protected under our care like a little child and like a child loved playing in the patio with other dogs and loved the visit from his brothers and sisters. Even though, neighbors saw his size they feared him because he was a great good guard dog, however, he was a teddy bear always loved by this family and cared for. He was intuitive because he would know when one of us was feeling down such as a loyal pet would.

He would also look at us when we were working out and want to be with us and never leave our side.  Every time we arrived in our cars, he would know the sound of the motor and greet us and we would love to greet him as he deserves. My lovely doggie was treated like a special member of the family always I would remember every time we would want to sneak a little rice in his plate or some bread, he would follow us around with the sad puppy eyes that were so angelic and hard to say “No” to. Every holiday we would bring a little toy for him and his sister and they would gracefully play together. There was such harmony to see that such peace in the house even though they were not house dogs and they were to remain outside they were trained so well to be at our sides and be loved just like a child would be.

I remember when we used to cradle the puppy Kratos like a baby and it feels like yesterday. We have the cutest little antlers that they would wear as well in spirit of the holiday because they would always be around the decoration party for Christmas. Even for matters of the heart, we seek our pets for guidance since they listen so intently. My little babies are the cutest things so independent mindset when it comes to their walks around the trail. All the memories will be engrained forever in our hearts. When he would jump around and be agile, it was the best to see him nice and healthy. However, through the years, he was sick with the big “C” cancer and it was hard to see him suffering so he smoothly transitioned to doggie heaven where he is now guiding us and his sister. He will forever be loved by this family and memories will reign through in our hearts.

We love you my little Kratos, you will always be remembered for being our loyal companion to our family and our special family member that will forever be a part of us.




{May 23, 2017}   Best friends for life :)

Good afternoon all,

Another thing that I am very passionate about are my friends, I know I have been anonymous about my subjects in my stories but this is in honor of my best friend Joyce. I created this collage of the years we met and have been through so much as you can tell from 2006-2017. I love the fact that we have been through bad times and good times. We were so young back then, however, now we are mature adults that have busy lives whether it is career or relationships, we always seem to catch up whenever we can. After all the saying they told me when I was in college, I never understood it which was “friends you make in college will be your friends for life,” until I met you my first year.

We explored college for the first time and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest and now we are independent women who are striving far in life. We have set sail not knowing what we wanted to major in and then decisions have to be made when Cal Poly would send those awesome emails saying major needs to be declared etc. We both seemed so ready to get the years started in the University so eager to know what was in store for us. We had fun in all the parties and dances that we attended and shaked our booty together.  I was there for all the girls’ nights, birthdays, bachelorette’s, and epic moments in your life.

You have been a great friend, an inspiration to be a future wife for my future husband in the future, admire the tenacity in being cupid for me in order to have me jump back into the dating scene, appreciate the support in anything I do, appreciate the fact that you can be a long-lost sister from another mother, the trustworthiness, a kickass teacher that is teaching her kids to be the best they could be because it is super rewarding, even through tough times such as any family ordeals we are there for one another, no matter if we don’t agree on things we are very respectful, and exciting and positive nature makes us n’sync to be driven towards our goals. We had some good old days too like when one of our hangouts was downtown Fullerton and had no care in the world and just loved having fun. Nowadays, like these last little outings it definitely makes us feel young at heart and having interesting conversations is really good because when we were younger there are some people men in general that did not look pass looks and now intelligence is the forefront that lights up a room and if other people that we meet cannot handle an intellectual conversation than so be it move on to the next.

The intent is not to get crazy but to have fun conversations with men even as a married individual you know how to hold your own and keep our friendship growing strong and you do not forget about that. I am very fortunate to have a friend like you and I cannot wait for many more milestones and memories in our lives. Like you said, it is like the real Sex and the City but this time when guilty by association plays a part I love being part of being beauty and brains because the going with the flow can end up into something great and for that I thank you. I also thank you for being an active listener and helping me through relationship tough times etc. and getting me back in the saddle shortly but surely. I also thank you for being such a genuine person with me because only then would I have felt comfortable enough to share the real me too. It was one of my favorite moments of my life when I was honored to be your maid of honor in one of the most epic times of my life and for that I love you my dear close friend Joyce.



Please go ahead and comment if you have any friend of yours that has shaped you 🙂

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